Recalcitrant Productions provides truly reliable Audio and dazzling Visual services for your live show or event. We can customize a show to your needs to make your event the very best it can be. We feature package pricing and custom pricing. Contact us today! 

Recalcitrant Productions can provide lighting for your live show or event. In addition to live bands we can provide lighting for your private party or corporate event. Our full service lighting design service can incorporate our lighting rig only or any amount of additional lights on a rental basis. Pricing starts at $300 for a small stage.

Stage Installation - Recalcitrant Productions provides stage lighting design, installation, and programming for your bar, live music venue or dance club. 

Fire on Water in Downtown Milwaukee
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Recalcitrant Productions can provide ample sound for your indoor or outdoor event.  Our sound system features the very newest and best in sound processing technology, resulting in a very smooth, crisp and trouble free sound delivery for your live show or event.  Pricing starts at $300 for small shows and events. 

For the best quality and most realistic representation of the lights , view in 720 HD or better

Lights & Sound at Soup CD Release Party , Milwaukee,WI - November 2012

Sound & Lights - Sugar River Shakedown III - July 2012

Lights at Miramar Theater - Cosmic Railroad - Milwaukee, WI- September 2012

Sound & Lights - Ifdakar Live at Tanners Appleton, WI - February 2012

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